About LLIA

Long Lake Improvement Association

Monthly Meetings

LLIA was created to help enhance the aquatic quality, recreational use, and aesthetic values of Long Lake for today and future generations.  Other goals of LLIA are to provide community awareness through safety and educational programs as well as providing and promoting lake activities. 

Annual LLIA Events

1st Annual Looney Ice Golf Event
Educational Guest Speakers
Annual Picnic & Fireworks
National Night Out/Night to Unite
Lake Shore Restoration Plantings
Annual Joint Meeting with LLID

If you have additional ideas you would like to see LLIA sponsor or organize, please email us at: llia@longlakeisanti.org


To become a member of the Long Lake Improvement Association, click on the link below.  There will be an option to pay online OR to mail a check.  

Please contact the LLIA Board ASAP if you have joined but do not see your name on the list for the current year.

Email us at:
We do not want to miss anyone!

Monthly Meetings

The LLIA Board meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Join us at 9:00am at Long Lake Lutheran Church, 3921 277th Ave NW, Isanti – ALL ARE WELCOME!

Our meeting minutes are recorded here:

Board Members

President: Judy Schaubach
Vice President: Deb Kviz
Treasurer: Deb Wagner
Secretary: Jenn Orr
Board Member: Melanie Ringstad
Board Member: Glenn Carlson
Board Member: Brian Christensen
Board Member: Dan Preekett
Board Member: Stacy Upton

Contact the Board:

We'd love to
hear from you!

PO Box 412 | Isanti, MN | 55040
Tel: 651-247-6251 email: llia@longlakeisanti.org