Long Lake - Isanti, Minnesota

Shoreline Restoration Grants

One of the Long Lake Improvement District’s (LLID) initiatives is to reduce shoreline run-off by installing beautiful native vegetative buffers on the lakeshore. It is our hope that by creating demonstration sites around the lake, we will improve awareness of the benefits, and therefore create a stronger culture of lakeshore management practices.

In the first 10 years of the program, we have installed demonstration sites at over 30 properties in partnership with the LLIA and the Isanti Soil & Water Conservation District, with help from a grant from the State of Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Fund. The Long Lake Improvement District has budgeted funds to continue this crucial project even when additional grants and state funds are unavailable. There may be a need for the Homeowner to contribute financially, depending on the number of recipients and cost of individual projects. In addition, the homeowner will gather the volunteers for the actual installation.

Our goal will be to provide this buffer on a total of no less than 300 square feet of shore land, which will protect and improve the water quality, wildlife habitat, and natural beauty of Long Lake. We will work with Shelley Larson of Hayland Woods Native Nursery to plan and plant these buffer zones.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a shoreline buffer or rain garden at your property, please contact the Lake District at llid@longlakeisanti.org for more information. Candidates will be selected based on the amount of reduction in stormwater runoff and shoreline stabilization.